Your First Visit

After you request our services (i.e. via phone or website), our office staff will help get your file set up & assign a Therapist to you.  We do our best to limit wait times so you can get started as soon as possible.  Your assigned Therapist will then call you directly to schedule your first visit.  To save time, you will be emailed an intake form which we request you fill out before your first visit.

The first visit with your PhysioCare at Home PT, OT or Personal Trainer/Kinesiologist will include providing your consent for treatment, going over your medical history, discussing your current physical concerns, outlining your goals for improvement, performing an initial physical assessment, & recommending a treatment plan.  

For more information on billing and insurance, please visit our Billing and Insurance page.

It is recommended that you book your session during a time of day when you are at your optimal energy (i.e., have had sufficient rest and nourishment).

Please wear comfortable clothing. Please also provide a list of any medication you are taking, copies of your doctor’s referral or medical or imaging reports, as well as copies of previous or current exercise programs, if you have them.

What to expect during the Assessment:

  • Your Therapist will ask questions about your health, your condition/problem – when & why it started, your goals of treatment, etc.
  • A physical assessment to test flexibility, balance, mobility, strength, transfers, positions that cause pain (if any). We’ll use standardized outcome measures to track your progress
  • Discuss the issues, explain the problems & decide on a plan
  • Give you exercises to do on your own or with help from family/caregivers
  • Set up next appointment

Subsequent Visits:

  • Commence treatment
  • Review exercises/recommendations & modify or give more as needed
  • Perform activities that challenge exercise tolerance and balance as appropriate
  • Work on functional activities related to your movement goals
  • Use appropriate modalities as needed (i.e. TENS, heat, ice, Muscle Stimulator, Acupuncture)
  • Perform manual therapy as needed (i.e. stretching, etc.)
  • Reassess Progress by measuring flexibility or retest balance or mobility, etc. We’ll use the same standard measures from your initial assessment so that you can see the progress that you’ve made, and we can celebrate your hard work and improvement together.
  • Modify treatment plan as required