Mobility & Strengthening

Our Personal Trainers (Kinesiologists) will come to your home & guide you through exercises tailored specifically towards your needs, to help get you stronger & more fit.

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Mobility and Strengthening

As we age, we can experience weakness which impacts our everyday life.  The only way to prevent this is to fight back, through exercise & movement.  One-on-one personal training in the comfort of your home, or residence gym may be just what you need to get you stronger and prevent injury so you can live life on your terms, no matter your age.  Our Personal Trainers (Kinesiologists) provide the guidance and accountability needed to help you improve your fitness, mobility and strength. 

Case Study: How We Helped Fred Recover From His Fall.

It had been six months since Fred age 88, had fallen while getting into his car. He was so shaken by his fall that he remained in a wheelchair and didn’t think he would walk again. His son contacted Physiocare at Home to see if we could help.

At the assessment, we looked at his balance and standing ability. His legs were weak but still had decent strength.

Over the weeks, we worked on strengthening his legs, balance and coordination. We quickly got rid of the wheelchair and he was soon able to walk around in his house without any aids. Eventually, we did outdoor walking to improve overall endurance and stamina. First, he used a walker, then he used a cane. With gradual strengthening, Fred regained independence and was able to go out to dinner with friends and start walking in his neighbourhood.

(Note: This is a composite story based on the many common situations of clients we have worked with over the past several years.)

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