Those who are consistent with Exercise and Movement make the most gains in their Physical Health and Fitness

Our Stronger At Home Program is Based
on 4 Foundational Principles

Progress is Possible
No matter where you are starting from
Movement is Medicine
Movement is the best medicine for so many mental and physical ailments
Consistency is Key
We need to be consistent if we want to see real change and benefits
Health is Wealth
Once we experienced the renewed energy and many benefits from exercise, we’ll never want to go back to our old sedentary ways
Features of our 8-Week Exercise Program
  • Research-based
  • Include a variety of exercises and training targets including strength and resistence training, cardiovascular fitness, balance training, posture and spinal health, and flexibility
  • Goal is to make gains in various areas to improve your physical capacity, your posture, and help decrease risk of injury during everyday life
  • For older adults ready to start or return to an exercise routine
  • For post-menopausal women looking to get stronger and improve posture and balance
  • For those recently diagnosed with osteopenia or early osteoporosis 
What to Expect and What You Need
  • We'll meet together twice a week, for 1 hour
  • We'll guide you through a moderate intensity exercise program
  • You won't need a lot of equipment to get started, just a safe space, some free weights or resistance bands, and a mat
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Class size is limited to 8 participants so register early.

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