Yes! You Can Get Stronger.

Enjoy safe & effective work-outs from the comfort of your own living room with our online video series.

The STANDING STRONG Fitness Program is an 8-week evidence-based exercise program, developed by Physiotherapists. This program provides 2 video exercise sessions/week, setting out to challenge participants in a variety of ways, targeting strength, fitness, balance, posture, and spinal health.

This program is appropriate for independently mobile older adults, including those who have been recently diagnosed with osteopenia or early osteoporosis, post-menopausal women, and those looking to start or return to an exercise routine. There is no age limit!

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Our Stronger At Home Program is Based
on 4 Foundational Principles


Progress is Possible

No matter where you are starting from

Movement is Medicine

Movement is the best medicine for so many mental and physical ailments

Consistency is Key

We need to be consistent if we want to see real change and benefits

Health is Wealth

Once we experienced the renewed energy and many benefits from exercise, we’ll never want to go back to our old sedentary ways

Features of our 8-Week Exercise Program

  • Evidence-based fitness program designed & led by Jillian (Physiotherapist) 
  • Each program includes 16 unique & progressively challenging exercise videos (each video is 30-50 mins in length) with many more resource videos to help you along your journey
  • Includes a variety of exercises to target strength and resistence training, cardiovascular fitness, balance training, posture and spinal health, and flexibility, all with safety in mind and tailored for the Older Adult
  • For older adults ready to start or return to an exercise routine
  • For post-menopausal women looking to get stronger and improve posture and balance
  • For those recently diagnosed with osteopenia or early osteoporosis
  • Goal is to make gains in various areas to improve your physical capacity, your posture, and help decrease risk of injury during everyday life

For more information check out the Stronger at Home website:

What to Expect and What You Need

  • After you purchase the program, you'll have access to the Exercise & Resource Videos
  • You choose the day & time and press 'play' twice a week, for a 30-50mins exercise session
  • Jillian will guide you through a moderate intensity exercise program.  You can pause the video at any time, and Jillian always gives you options to modify the exercises
  • You won't need a lot of equipment to get started, just a laptop or tablet, a safe space, sturdy sneakers, loose fitting clothes, some free weights or resistance bands, a mat, and some water

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