Everyone should enjoy access to the best in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & Personal Training from the convenience of their own home.

This is the story of how this philosophy of care was shaped.

After graduating as one of the youngest in her class from Dalhousie University’s School of Physiotherapy, one of our founders, Jillian, started working in a private Physiotherapy clinic. While the work of helping people improve their lives was enjoyable and rewarding, the quick pace of the clinic setting meant that she could not fully connect with her clients the way she had envisioned. However, through the clinic, she started seeing a few clients in their homes – clients who were seniors, unable to travel to the clinic. She found herself relishing the fact that she could spend an hour with the clients instead of 15 minutes. She loved being able to provide one-on-one quality care with the clients and connect with them in deeper, more holistic ways.

Eventually, she and her husband, Stephen, recognized a need for this type of in-home Physiotherapy service. In 2004, Stephen and Jillian started PhysioCare at Home to provide Physiotherapy for seniors in Halifax. With the growing demand for in-home rehabilitation services as well as increased interest from healthcare providers to work in this setting, PhysioCare at Home has expanded to over 7 cities across 5 provinces.

In-home rehabilitation is unique because it is extremely client-centered. The trust relationship between the healthcare providers and their clients is strong and helps the client to better implement the recommendations, which in turn helps their condition to improve faster. When a therapist comes into a client’s home, they can tailor their recommendations, exercises and suggestions to the client and their home environment.

Both Stephen and Jillian are passionate about empowering people to live healthy and fulfilling lives. What they love about PhysioCare at Home is that they can live out this vision in helping seniors, their staff, and people in their community. In addition, Stephen and Jillian look for ways to encourage and support their staff in giving back to the community.

Our Foundational Principles


Progress is possible

No matter your current situation, our team offers you hope for the future.

Movement is medicine

We empower mobility & independence to improve overall quality of life.

Consistency is key

We believe everyone is capable of thriving, and that consistency helps our clients achieve their goals.

Health is wealth

We treat everyone like family, advocating for better health.

PhysioCare at Home is passionate about helping seniors to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

The elderly contingent of our society is often overlooked and under appreciated.

Seniors have a lot to offer, with a wealth of wisdom and perspective that is gained only through experience. Seniors are valuable and deserve great care. Because our model of care is one-on-one home visits, we are able to devote time and exclusive attention to each client. Offering more than physical therapy, we provide accompaniment, dignity, and advocacy through the challenges and changes that come with age.

Community is important to us. So part of what we do is equipping caregivers (such as family members, medical professionals and assisted living facilities) with support and education.

Whether you are our client, a caregiver or a therapist on our team, we want to journey with you as you navigate the various seasons of life. We are here to advocate for you; to help you reach your goals and have the quality of life you desire.