For Seniors Residences

With over 10 years of experience, PhysioCare at Home understands the unique partnership between physiotherapists and seniors residences in helping seniors to live healthy and fulfilling lives. We’ve developed programs to help seniors prevent falls and stay healthy so that they minimize trips to the hospital.

These programs include:

  • One-on-one physiotherapy care: Our physiotherapists go to assisted living facilities to work with seniors, devoting individual attention to gain more flexibility and strength.
  • Walker and cane assessments
  • Environmental screening: providing feedback on fall hazards in their living space and offering practical solutions to improve accessibility.
  • Staff training: We teach staff how to work with seniors recovering from surgery, stroke or living with Parkinson’s. We also educate staff about how to safely transfer residents and prevent injuries.
  • Lectures for Seniors: Topics include: Falls Prevention, Selecting the Right Cane or Walker, Selecting the right equipment for your home (bed rails, toilet lifts, grab bars)