You shouldn't have to worry about your loved ones being able to move about their homes.
Physiocare at Home offers safety assessments as part of our home visits.

From identifying fall hazards to assessing the appropriateness of equipment and aids, we strive to make your home environment as safe and as conducive to wellness and ease of living as possible.

Case Study: How We Helped Anna Move More Safety Around Her Home.

Anna’s daughter first called Physiocare at Home for her 71-year-old mother with the question, “Can you please come in a see what type of aid my mom should have?” She was concerned that the current aid was too big for her mother to maneuver around her apartment.

We went to her place and measured the space. We were able to assess Anna’s needs and recommend a more appropriate aid. We were also able to spot some fall hazards and make suggestions to improve the overall safety of her home.

After Anna and her daughter implemented the changes we suggested, they both felt better knowing that Anna would be able to move around her home safely and independently.

(Note: This is a composite story based on the many common situations of clients we have worked with over the past several years.)

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