Education for Caregivers

PhysioCare at Home provides support not only to our clients but to their caregivers as well.

We understand that being a caregiver can be demanding and we want to help.

From choosing the right aids, to finding the appropriate equipment, to teaching caregivers how to help with exercises, we connect you to the most relevant education or resources you need. We are your advocates in continuing care.

Case Study: How We Helped Carl Have Better Sleeping Habits

At age 92 Carl was first referred to us by a nurse at the retirement home where he has lived for the past 4 years. His son accompanied him to PhysioCare at Home’s free community information session hosted at the retirement home on the topic of, “Managing Chronic Pain, Sleep and Fatigue Issues.”

After the talk, his son came to us and asked some further questions about how to encourage better sleep. We were able to give him some practical ideas and discuss healthy sleeping habits. After inquiring about what other types of support he was looking for, we were able to direct him to additional resources (including our website and blog) that would help him support his dad better.

(Note: This is a composite story based on the many common situations of clients we have worked with over the past several years.)

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