The Canadian Red Cross.  It was established in 1896, primarily functioning as a wartime relief society.  We all can picture that red cross symbol, proudly proclaiming a genuine desire to help people in need.  Such a simple yet powerfully noble mission.  War movies & books provide us with images of trucks & women displaying that cross while tirelessly tending to the many wounded war soldiers.

However, since then the Red Cross has  evolved into a massive & wide reaching organization that transcends times of both peace and unrest.  It works hard both here and abroad, but I wonder if its rich history & devotion to humanity is all too often taken for granted.  Like many organizations & their causes, maybe it eludes us due to our lack of any real need for it or connection to it.
Now, I’m not going to list the many places where Red Cross is serving people throughout the world, or even exhaust the many local efforts they are involved in.  I’ll let you do that (Red Cross website) .  But what I will do is let you know how the Red Cross is a valuable partner to people like you and me today.  I’m not talking swimming lessons, or even CPR training.  I’m talking equipment.  Home health equipment.  And it’s free!

As a Physiotherapist I have worked with numerous older adults living at home that are in desperate need of help.  They are weak, and stiff, in pain, unsafe to walk and afraid of falling.  Of course, I will assess their strength and balance and mobility, and help them set and achieve goals through exercise and education and helpful hands-on treatment.  But often they also need things that I can’t pull out of my ‘bag’, things that may cost too much, or are only needed for a short time: be it a walking aid or hospital bed.  And the great news is that The Canadian Red Cross is here to help.

Helping people move easier and safer in their homes can provide them with a much more fulfilling & healthy life!  The following items may make all the difference to someone who has limited mobility, perhaps due to recent surgery, or an age related condition.

  •  Bed(M) Rail
  • Reacher
  • Raised Toilet Seat
  • Bath Tub Chair
  • Walker
  • Transport Chair

These things are all offered on loan through the local Red Cross-it’s called the Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP).  These items may be used for up to 3 months, and there is no charge!  If you or someone you know could benefit from this service, give Red Cross a call today (902)-423-3680).  And if you have any of these items lying around home, consider donating them to this amazing service (General or Donation Inquiries: or 1-800-418-1111).  Check out more information here.

If you would like help figuring out what equipment would be best for you or a loved one in efforts to help improve life at home, the PhysioCare at Home team would love to help!  Give us a call (902-404-4200) and book a consult.  All of our Physiotherapists can assess your physical needs with great care & expertise and look forward to helping you live a healthy & full life.

I’d love to hear from you! Have you ever accessed the Red Cross HELP loan program?  How did it help?