We all have heard the relentless message over and over again: eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, get adequate sleep, stop smoking, drink water, limit stress, have sex…And some of us respond & live it out rather well.  Others, not so much.

Why does it get lost on some?  Perhaps there’s no excuse, especially if you’re ‘young’.  But what about the Baby Boomer, or more aptly called the ‘Zoomer’ by some.  You live busy lives, sandwiched between 2 generations.  And maybe the persistent message of ‘healthy living’ that you encourage your children to adhere to did not reach you or your parents as young people.  Even if it did, getting older changes things!  The body just doesn’t recover like it used to…pounds are harder to shred, pain is a frequent unwelcome foe, and disease seems to be knocking at everyone’s door.  Even when we know the benefits of ‘healthy living’, motivation can be easily dampened by injury and muscle weakness, joint pain, arthritis, progressive disease and fear of the unknown.  Graceful aging is not a given.

But it’s okay to reach out.  In fact, there are people, health professionals that can help.  And because your physical well-being plays such an integral part in your emotional & mental well-being, it’s of the utmost importance to make a change and manage your health well, right until the end.  Here’s how PhysioCare at Home’s team of Physiotherapists can make a difference:

    • We want to be your partner- the one who helps you set & achieve attainable physical goals so you can see & feel the results.  We use various specialized & standardized tests to help measure your success.  So, whether it’s your balance, strength, mobility or pain you’d like to improve, we are committed to helping you achieve your best.
    • We know you have high expectations for your health care, but you’re busy.  So we come to you or your loved one.  Our hands-on, one on one treatment, combines helpful techniques, exercises & modalities with education & equipment to achieve success, be it through managing pain, improving strength & flexibility or increasing mobility and balance. Whatever the need, we want you to feel comfortable, safe and private while receiving highly professional one-on-one physiotherapy services- in your own home.
    • Maybe you’re a caregiver for an older parent or adult and they need help to recover from surgery, improve their balance after a fall, or manage the pain of arthritis.  Maybe a combination of disease and aging has caused significant limitations needing attention.  Our team of Physiotherapists has extensive experience in providing services along the continuum, with many areas of expertise, including pain management, falls prevention, post-op rehabilitation, neurology, vestibular conditions, & dementia related issues.
    • Maybe you live across the country or in another community and unable to give your loved one the constant attention or access to care they need.  We not only can provide appropriate Physiotherapy care, but are keen to maintain open & readily available communication to ease your mind & keep you informed.
    • Maintaining a healthy life certainly continues well after a bout of ‘hands-on’ Physiotherapy.  And sometimes finding what you need is challenging.  We provide you with the appropriate education & resources to help you continue living the fullest and healthiest life possible.  We are happy to connect you with other services that provide in-home or senior related care that may benefit you.  And we are only ever a phone call away!

Bottom line is we want to help you and your loved ones live healthy, fulfilling lives.  We believe we can do that by becoming your trusted partner in your physical health.

We’d love to hear from you.  Let us know how do you define a healthy & full life.

photo credit: SalFalko