The Blog this week has focused on an important topic: reducing falls risk by eliminating home hazards.  Wednesday’s post addressed the most hazardous room in the house, the bathroom.  Today, 5 tips for the kitchen!

1.  Wipe up spills and drips immediately.

2.  Footwear with an anti-slip soleshould be worn throughout the house, but especially in the kitchen.  Never wear stocking feet on the slippery tile, linoleum or wood floors.

3.  Arrange the kitchen cupboards (or have help) so that dishes and utensils you use daily are between shoulder and knee height.

4.  Minimize or (avoid altogether!) having to climb onto a step stool to reach upper cupboards, and NEVER stand on a chair.

5.  Avoid placing heavy pots and pans in lower cupboards that require a lot of bending and awkward reaching to retrieve.

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