December is here.  For some it means mindless rushing, to others it is lonely and drawn out.  To others still it is a month like any other with the exception that it welcomes colder weather .  It may bring excitement, disappointment, hope, or change.  The meaning of Christmas takes on so many different shapes and sizes, but is it possible for Christmas to lead each of us to a similar place? A place of gratitude?

There’s no doubt that every human being suffers.  We don’t all suffer at the same time in life, or in the same way, but we all suffer in some way, shape or form.  Be it from loss, pain, stress, sickness, relationships, finances, anxiety, change, or our past.  There is brokenness in this world, and we each experience it one way or another.

And although a season, a month, or a day in and of itself cannot change our brokenness, perhaps what that season represents can change us.  The ancient story of Christmas seems to overflow with Hope and Love.  A Love that heals our brokenness.  And no matter what you believe or celebrate, if you have ever experienced love, you have experienced a good thing.  Being loved despite our brokenness is most definitely something to be thankful for.  And I think the main thing that raises us above the brokenness is in fact, gratitude.  So perhaps Christmas can bring us to this life-changing place.  A place of gratitude.

And since we’re on the subject of gratitude, I want to express my deepest thanks to all of our clients & their loved ones who have welcomed us into their homes and allowed us to be part of their journey to a healthier life this year.  I also count it such a privilege to be a part of the amazing PhysioCare at Home team made up of our great administrative staff, amazing Clinical Director, and wonderful Physiotherapists.  Thank you for all you do in helping people live healthy & fulfilling lives.

If we can master gratitude, I think we will truly be living full and healthy lives!  And this is what I hope will come to you this season.  A heart full of gratitude to help you navigate life and the brokenness all around.  I wish you all a Healthy and Happy Christmas overflowing with gratitude.

Here’s an encouraging video of a truly grateful soul to help get you started.