Work That Suits Your Life

Perhaps you’re a parent to young children, wanting to keep your professional skills and earn some income while maintaining time for your family. Or perhaps you are nearing retirement and want to work at a slower pace with more freedom. Maybe you already have a position at a hospital but are looking for additional opportunities to work with clients in a deeper, more personal way. You want to provide care beyond the time constraints of a clinic and without the pressure of clearing a bed space. PhysioCare at Home knows that life requires flexibility and we are proud to offer employment to physiotherapists and occupational therapists that suits your needs in life.

Barbara has been a physiotherapist for over 30 years working in the hospital system and managing large departments. 5 years ago she started home care physiotherapy and loves it. Here’s what she says: “Working with a client in their home is like visiting family and it’s something I look forward to every day. Is one of my greatest professional blessings and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with such amazing people.”

Laura thinks working with seniors has been the most fulfilling work of her career. “Helping an elderly person regain or retain their independence is enormously rewarding, because you know you are making a major different in their quality of life,” she says. Laura also that her flexible schedule allows her to be at home every day to make a healthy lunch and walk her dog.

Kayla works an 80% position at a local hospital and works part time with PhysioCare at Home. She’s found it easy to manage her hospital job since she can make her own schedule to see clients on her off days or after shifts. Besides the flexibility, she loves the one-on-one care she can provide to seniors. Here’s how she puts it in her own words: “I like that PhysioCare At Home allows me to have a full hour per visit with each of my clients in their home environment. This allows me to build a therapeutic relationship with each client where I really get to know them personally, gain their trust, and can see first-hand the challenges that they face in their day-to-day lives.”

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