In-Home Physiotherapy for Seniors

PhysioCare at Home is passionate about empowering seniors to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Because our model of care is one-on-one home visits, we are able to devote extended time and exclusive attention to each client.

We specialize in caring for seniors in the familiarity and privacy of your own environment, eliminating the inconvenience of travel, wait times and uncooperative weather, and allowing for easy integration of treatment with your lifestyle. Treatment in a familiar environment also often leads to better compliance with treatment, yielding higher rates of improvement.

Our experienced registered Physiotherapists provide the highest quality of care using current technology such as electronic charting, while coordinating communication with family and health team members. We also serve as your advocates, connecting you with necessary resources, equipment and education.

Our Physiotherapists can instruct you on how to utilize and modify your home environment to help achieve your rehabilitation goals. Our Occupational Therapists complement our Physiotherapists by solving problems that interfere with the performance of daily functions. We also offer suppliers and equipment for seniors.

Whether you need rehabilitation after an illness or injury or want to maintain mobility and strength, we will work with you to reach your lifestyle goals.

Quality, convenience, and outcomes. These are the benefits of having physiotherapy at home.