Fall Prevention

Here are a few facts about seniors and falling*:
– Every 10 minutes a senior is hospitalized for a fall
– 1 in 3 seniors will fall this year
– In BC, falls are the #1 cause of injury-related deaths in seniors
– Falls account for 40% of all nursing home admissions

Everyone experiences a fall every so often. While most falls are not serious, they can be catastrophic. Falls are especially devastating among seniors causing over 90% of hip fractures and 60% of head injuries. On top of that, the fear of falling often prevents seniors from staying active, which lowers their quality of life.

Physiocare at Home offers fall prevention services, educating you on safer ways to move and addressing environmental risks so that you can move with confidence. Our physiotherapists work with you to help improve balance and strength, which help prevent the chance of a future fall. Based on your goals, we provide a personalized program of exercises, and continue to monitor progress and adjust the program as necessary. We also help to assess your need for mobility aids like a walker, cane, or other device. The increased balance, strength, and confidence from working with our physiotherapists often leads to a higher quality of life as a result of increased physical activity, but also social interactions from being able to move more easily.

*Source: www.findingbalancebc.ca

Lorraine – Age: 76

Seven weeks ago, Lorraine fell down a set of stairs and broke her arm. Now she is afraid of walking and doesn’t move around too much, and her arm is quite stiff and painful. Her daughter contacted PhysioCare at Home, asking us to help.

When we met Lorraine, her walking balance and stamina was quite compromised. Pain from the broken bones, as well as poor vision and pre-existing joint pain from arthritis discouraged her from moving. Unfortunately, the less she moved, the more her muscles weakened and the higher her risk became for falling again.

Lorraine’s goal was to get back to playing crib every week with her friends. We came up with a plan together with Lorraine to help her address her fears and give her strengthening, balance and mobility exercises so that she could move again with confidence. We helped her get her arm mobility and grip strength back to normal. We also looked at her condo and helped Lorraine eliminate environmental factors that could lead to future falls (e.g., ill-placed rugs and clutter).

(Note: This is a composite story based on the many common situations of clients we have worked with over the past several years.)